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Barcelona Tango Showroom is travelling

Just now the showroom is moving around to festivals and events and therefore there is no physical showroom in Barcelona for now. The previous showroom in Raval, Barcelona is closed.

It´s very difficult to keep the website updated for me, so please enter it more as a photogallery than an actual shop where all items published are available for sale.

If you want contact me on +46707410555, or, Barcelona Tango Showroom or on the Instagram account IG: Bcntangoshowroom.

I think we can anyway agree to meet anyway, or you let me know what you want and I send you PM about what I have.

If you are an organizer of an event, feel welcome to invite BTS to your event and we can evaluate together if it is possible and how.

Photo Astrid, model Camelia Siljedal, dress ElenaT, shoes Madame Pivot

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