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  • Where are you based?
    Barcelona Tango Showroom was born in Barcelona 2016 and is based in Barcelona. Since I am Swedish the Showroom is pretty often in Sweden, visiting family and joining various events in my homecountry. I have enjoyed travelling to numerous tango events in Spain, in different countries and cities!
  • Do you have opening hours, can I pass by and try what there is the shop at any time?"
    The Showroom is a part of a space where there is also a workshop called Novedades on Carrer Peu de la Creu 24, bajo in Raval, Barcelona. The Showroom is hidden inside in what was antiquely a "patio" between two buildnings, a patio that is now closed with a roof. Usually someone is there at Novedades, even if not me, but it is ALWAYS recommendable that you contact me before coming. For fastest possibile answer from my part I recommend my Whatsapp +46707410555.
  • Can I customize an order?
    You can always ask. I cannot promise, but I always do what I can to be helpful. If you want to provide your measurments for women clothing, we need: 1) bodylenght 2) bust 3) waist and 4) hips with a note if you want your dress somewhere above or under knees. Another issue can be the slit. Slits can be at the back, at the side, at the front or a combination. Regarding shoes my Italian providers work with normal, slim and wide plants as well as with different heel hights. If you are lucky they have what you want in stock, if not we can make a special order. Extra cost and time to wait is then discussed between us.
  • If I order a pair of shoes from Italy via the Showroom how long time does it take before they arrive?
    First you must tell what you want, then as an authorized reseller I can see what the brands I work with have in their stock. Next step is to put the order. My aim is always to pay the shipping and let you try the shoes on before you buy them to ensure they fit comfortably. Only exception can be if it is only one (1) pair and you are in a hurry, then it´s 10€ for shipping from Italy to the Showroom.
  • I am a tango tourist and I want to visit Barcelona
    Barcelona Tango Showroom is pleased to give you any information related to Barcelona that you might need. Can be teachers, milongas and events (when they open again), tips about where to stay, to eat or anything. Please make an appointment beforehand to visit the Showroom. Sometimes I am travelling or doing something else.
  • Does the Showroom organize tango trips to Barcelona?
    Except during pandemic yes! Please get in touch if you want to see an example of a program, with housing, private small group classes, suggestions of milongas, tapasbars and restaurants included.
  • Can I get information about the dancers or singers that model on this page?
    Yes, of course you can. Please contact Bcn Tango Showroom and I will forward your request for tango lessons or events.
  • The E-Shop is in English, do you speak Spanish?"
    I speak Spanish. Later on the whole E-Shop will be available in Spanish too. To start I had to choose just one language and it had to be the more universal English...
  • I want to order a pair of men trousers. How do I know my size?
    This is very easy. Put a pair of trousers that fit you on a table and measure in cm the waistline on the part where the belt is supposed to be. From left to right, how many cm? Can be anything from 38-40-42-44-46-48-50-52-54 cm. The trousers are all long, you must fix that part yourself so you need not to think about how tall you are.
  • I am an organizer of a tango event. Would you like to come and exhibit?
    Most probably yes! Contact me and we agree on something.
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