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Passionate about tango and tango fashion

  • Tango fashion is stylish and feminine. The clothes are stretchy, comfortable, easy to wash and to travel with. Tango clothes for men have a formal look but the trousers have a little wider legs and the fabrics of the shirts are breathable.

  • Tango shoes are a necessity - and a passion. Quality is fundamental, as well as the estethics. The shoes can be worn at weddings and other festive occasions too, also by non-dancers. 

  • Argentine tango is an artform and a lifestyle. The practitioners range from professional artists, teachers to social dancers from all over the world and all ages.

  • The products on this webpage is a personal selection from the best designers in Italy, Turkey and from Buenos Aires. 

    Barcelona Tango Showroom is a project of Astrid Högström from Stockholm, currently based in Barcelona. All photos, except where credits are clearly written, are taken by Astrid. A special thanks goes to my lovely and dedicated models. 

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