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This black top has a "modern-romantic" cut and fits wonderfully to this elastic lace skirt. The skirt has no opening, so the lace is shown in all its splendor. Look at the bottom part. Even so the skirt is extremely comfortable and you can do moves in it too!


Top and skirt can be bought separately. Top 65 €, skirt 80€. 

Since Barcelona Tango Showroom is based in Barcelona we explored the skaters zone just behind the MACBA and Las Ramblas where we stopped at one of many flower shops, "La Flor de la Rambla". Special credits to Amaia for posing and acting as a model for the Showroom.     


Brand: Genua Atelier, Florencia Italy  
Model: Amaia Zugadi 
Ph: Astrid  

Set black top and elastic lace skirt

145,00 €Price
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